Do You Have A Joint, Muscle Or Bone Problem?

At Davis, Davis & Patterson in Rome, Georgia, we represent individuals throughout the state who cannot work due to orthopedic or musculoskeletal problems. Our attorneys are experienced in all aspects of Social Security Disability for orthopedic injuries, which can include:

  • Back pain
  • Hip problems
  • Spinal cord damage or spine curvature
  • Knee injury
  • Degenerative disk or joint disease
  • Other disabling joint, bone or muscle conditions

Disability Hearings Are Crucial

It’s critical to be prepared for your disability hearing because you will be in front of the administrative law judge for about 30 minutes (and for most of that time, he or she will likely be looking at a computer screen, not you). You may have the right testimony, but you need to present yourself and your case in a way that brings the full truth to light. Without understanding the issues, individuals may emphasize the wrong point or the wrong fact and end up sabotaging their cases.

A claimant may readily say, if asked whether he could handle a sit-down job, “Oh, I can do that, but where can I find a job like that?” and say it in good faith. But the whole truth may involve other considerations — like the difference between sitting and reclining (reclining is not allowed on the job); the implications of having to elevate your feet — how frequently, how high, how long at a time? (That may not be allowed on the job, either); how many days in a row could you do it — what about the bad days? (If you miss too many days a month, you are fired). These details can be crucial.

Preparing You For The Disability Hearing

The answers to these questions can play a critical role in whether or not you can actually perform work-related activities. It can mean the difference between winning and losing a disability case. The attorneys at Davis, Davis & Patterson can help you prepare for your case, attend the hearing with you and represent you before the judge.

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